Dermatech Dermalight IPL Machine

Dermatech Dermalight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) machine of medical grade which is used for the purpose of improving appearance. Its purpose is to eliminate freckles, senile plaques, tighten skin, minimise slight wrinkles and block superficial telangiectasiae while restraining hair growth for a period of time long term.

This device releases a strong light in selected wave lengths, stimulating the collagen rejuvenating the skin. Because of the strength of the intensified light on the cell, it helps improve the circulation attaining to face lifting. As a result, of this treatment the pore contract tightening and lightening the skin.

Dermatech Dermalight is composed of power supply system. Micro computer control system, cooling system, pulsed flash lamp, reflector/ filter and sapphire light guide crystal. Installed inside the principle enclosure is a micro computer system and cooling mechanism. Inside the hand piece is a pulsed flashlight, reflector/filter and sapphire light guide crystal. Full training and medical supervision is offered.

Finance options available.
Rates will vary with finance available at time of agreement. Please contact us for a quote.


Rates will vary with finance available at time of agreement.

What our customers say

"I have had the Dermalight IPL machine for four years now, it was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business; with excellent results for your clients needs, and a great machine for my staff to use. The training, technical support and back up has been absolutely fantastic and purchasing the machine has been worth every penny. In particular I would like to add that having Dr Ian Little for any enquries or medical questions or support for any clients that need reassuring, he has only been to happy to get back to us.Having this medical back up has been peace of mind for our clients and staff. I would recommend the IPL training and the Dermalight IPL machine to anyone in the beauty therapy industry."
- Alicia Hamann/McDonald (Owner/Manager – Devon Beauty)

Alicia - 12/05/15

"I purchased my Dermalight machine just over two years ago from Dermatech. The Investment has take my business to the next level. I have had outstanding service and support both practical and technical from Ian and his team. Where else in New Zealand can you purchase an IPL machine and have 24hour 7 day assistance from either a doctor or nurse. An investment I am sure will be just as happy with as I am."
- Teresa Roberts (Owner/Cocoon Rangiora)

Admin - 29/07/19

"I purchased a Dermalight IPL for my mobile clinics 4 years ago. I have been totally satisified that this was an excellent purchase . The IPL has given excellent results, is very easy to use - guidelines for treatments clear and the machine has coped well with being transported around . Backup for the lamps and annual servicing is great and has a quick turnaround. Any queries have been answered quickly and the medical backup has been a plus. When I first purchased the machine I attended the IPL training course provided by Dermatech and this gave me confidence in my practice.I would happily purchase this machine again."
- Karen Scorringe RN (Transform Whitianga Ltd)

Admin - 29/07/19
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