IPL and Laser Training

2 day workshops for Doctors, Nurses and Beauty Therapists - learn from the experts.

Laser physics, safety, client care, consultation documentation, practical skills etc.

September 30th and October 1st 
with Dr Ian Little

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Glycolic Cream

Turn back the clock with this anti-aging wonder cream formulated to reduce pigmentation, smooth fine lines and diminish wrinkles


Essential Repair Serum

By combining the powers of Vitamin C + A with Hyaluronic Acid, this potent antioxidant complex helps to reverse signs of chronological and photo aging, whilst create a healthier skin.


Active A Serum

Vitamin A encourages cell regeneration and collagen production, slowing down the ageing process. You will see your skin improve in texture, hydration and nourishment.


C15 Serum

Vitamin C Skin Rejuvenator. Boosts collagen synthesis to firm, tone and smooth the skin while preventing and reducing pigmentation.



skin care products

Dermatech manufactures a cosmeceutical range of well-proven skin treatment products.

Scientifically recognised AHA, Retinyl products (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, SPFs in our cream ranges.

Manufactured in New Zealand with highest quality ingredients and are backed up by excellent training and sales tools. Not tested on animals.



Dermalight IPL machine

Dermalight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) machine of medical grade which is used for the purpose of improving appearance.

Its purpose is to eliminate freckles, senile plaques, tighten skin, minimise slight wrinkles and block superficial telangiectasiae while restraining hair growth for a period of time long term.


Dermatech MF Machine

Crystal-free Diamond Microdermabrasion Technology, Ultrasound and Sonophoresis

Purchase a machine that can perform 3 treatments!

Finance options available.



Dermatech is a treatment focused cosmeceutical range of skin treatment products and technologies. We supply well-proven skin treatments scientifically recognised AHA,
Retinyl products (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, SPFs in our cream ranges and clinical equipment for micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion and sonophoresis and light technologies.

These skin products are manufactured here in New Zealand with highest quality ingredients and are backed up by excellent training and sales tools.



Spring is Here

The weather is changing, the gardens are beginning to bloom, and it’s time to get your skin ready for the summer months. . The aim is to get skin looking as fresh and healthy as possible - think dewy, juicy, glowing skin. read

Water - The Best Secret Weapon for Your Skin

Water is the key to enhancing your beauty and to prolonging your youthful look. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday gives you fresh, soft and glowing skin. It helps maintain the optimal body temperature, keeping the skin moist. It hydrates and replenishes the skin tissues leading to an increase in the skin's elasticity. This helps delay the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark circles or fine lines. read


Intense Pulse Light and Laser Courses 2019

2 day Workshops:
September 30th and October 1st
with Dr Ian Little

Regular Monday Morning Training Sessions

Refresher courses covering Dermatech Product Training, Glycolic Peels, Microdermabrasion and Dermal Rolling.

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