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Why should I use Dermatech Active A Serum?

The active ingredient in the Active A Serum is Vitamin A. A skincare powerhouse, and an extremely effective skin-transforming ingredient that can increase skin’s firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven skin tone, smooth and refine the skin’s surface and reduce pore size.

How does it work on my skin?

Topical Vitamin A is a proven wrinkle-fighter and many dermatologists’ go-to recommendation for combating signs of aging. Research has shown that this ingredient is able to stimulate collagen production.  When collagen becomes damaged due to UV exposure and other aggressors, wrinkles begin to develop, much like cracks in a weak foundation. Vitamin A “turns on” cells responsible for making new collagen, strengthening your skin and filling in fine lines below the surface so skin looks smoother.

Vitamin A can help lighten sun-induced brown spots and boost skin radiance in two ways: First, by promoting normal skin cell turnover, which helps you shed pigmented, damaged and rough surface cells, making room for healthier cells and allowing light to bounce off more evenly. Secondly, Vitamin A may block an enzyme needed for melanin (pigment) production, further helping to deliver an even-toned, glowing complexion.

Vitamin A can also help unclog pores. Pimples form when pores become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and oil, providing the perfect breeding ground for Propionibacterium acnes, a common bacteria responsible for blemishes. When vitamin A stimulate cell turnover the same process happens within the pores themselves, helping to slow oil production and keep pores clear.

When should I use the Active A Serum?

Use Active A Serum nightly at least twice a week and you will notice the difference in your skin and for maximum effect use every night. Take it slowly if you have very reactive or sensitive skin, gradually building up to every night. If your skin becomes red, flaky and irritable, decrease your Active A Serum, and slowly increase again in 2–3 weeks. Use a sunscreen daily.

Dermatech does not recommend the use of the Active A Serum during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Who should not use the Dermatech Active A Serum?

As this serum contains Vitamin A, we do not recommend use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

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