Skincare Layering Tips

Posted June 23, 2020

The sequence in which you apply your skincare is very important as you want to get the most out of each product. The general rule to follow is 'thinnest to thickest'. This easy to remember rule is used for both your morning and evening routines.

1. Serum
Your serums are the lightest in texture, but pack a punch and as they are a treatment product, we want this closest to the skin so it can easily absorb.

2. Eye Serum/Cream
This delicate area needs a lot of TLC. If you are using an eye serum, apply that first and follow with your eye cream. If you were to apply your moisturiser before your eye cream, you might limit the effectiveness of your eye cream by creating a barrier.

3. Moisturiser
Lock these hardworking layers in with your moisturiser. This can also help to prevent moisture loss during the day and night.

4. Sunscreen
For daytime, always sunscreen to finish. These are made to sit on your skin and to protect it, hence needing to be the last line of defense.